Yoga and Taxation

Working hard in my office now and processing tax returns for our clients I just had a thought that may be many of us can claim their tax back for this year. If you have paid tax through your wage and just started to work as a self-employed yoga teacher this financial year, you surely made a loss (very little income less all our tuition fees, books, props, mileage, etc). The idea is that you have to become a self-employed student yoga teacher and give a couple of lessons before 31 March 2010. Even if you don't work you can move the losses to the next year to offset against future income!

Hope you find this information useful. Here is the link where you can register. And here you can search for specific forms. Use form CF10 to apply for an exemption from Class 2 National Insurance contributions if you are self-employed and your net earnings from self-employment are below the relevant threshold.

And if you just don't know where to start I will be happy to help you, I am an accountant in North Wales and Flintshire area and you can contact me for advice through our site.