Liliana Kastilio

{HTML + CSS + JavaScript}

  1. SEO London

    Customising Django CMS for SEO London templates, moving the site hosting to Heroku and helping them launch. Taking over the left over work from previous agency to help complete a few custom django features and forms for student applications.

  2. Erehwon

    Web developer for Erehwon, an online collaborative tool for connecting people involved in socio-political interventions and building communities.

  3. Pimp My Cause

    Web Developer for Pimp My Cause website rebuild. Django app that will help Pimp My Cause match volunteer marketers with causes and charities.

  4. Fashion Revolution Wall

    Web Developer for Fashion Revolution Wall, a Django app that displays latest images submitted via a twitter hashtag for Fashion Revolution Week.

  5. Women Hack for Non-Profits

    Front End Developer for WHFN website rebuild. CSS/HTML

  6. MunchDB

    Display food hygiene ratings on UK takeaway websites

  7. Remake of Trelogan Yoga

    Remake of Trelogan Yoga

  8. That Delivery Guy

    Delivery company website prototype

  9. My First API

    Collette - Colours API

  10. Flat Collette

    Flat front end re-design

  11. New Blog

    My new Blog is now on Octopress

  12. Old Blog

    My Old blog which was powered by Mynt

  13. Collette Django app

    First Django App! Collette on Heroku

  14. Tri-State Binders website

    Prototype Tri-State Binders Website

  15. To Do List

    Simple to do list

  16. On scroll animated header

    Responsive on scroll animated fixed header

  17. What Is My Browser?

    Check my browser version

  18. Collette

    A place to store all my favourite colours using Javascript

  19. Snake Game

    Snake game created using Canvas and Javascript

  20. Umbrella

    Interactive Javascript umbrella

  21. Pong Game

    Learning Canvas with Javascript and user interactions

  22. Canvas Simple Ball Collision

    Learning Canvas with Javascript

  23. My Site

    The original design of

  24. Trelogan Yoga Website

    Trelogan Yoga website

  25. Diamond grid

    Learning to create a diamond grid menu with css

  26. Stickyheader

    Learning to create a sticky header

  27. Compacc

    Compacc Complete Accountancy Website

  28. Blog

    Learning to create a blog

  29. Particles

    Learning to use javascript to create colourful particles

  30. Responsive

    Learning to create a responsive page

  31. Meow

    Learning to use forms and buttons

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