About Me

More than 8 years ago I met my welsh husband and moved from Russia to Wales with my daughter.My current job is an accountant assistant. I have to sit long hours in front of the computer screen, very often I felt negative energy from the clients especially when they received the news how much tax they have to pay. Just 3 years ago I felt stressed, unhappy and unsatisfied with my life.

The idea to change something came when I visited local clinic for acupuncture. The therapist was very calm and relaxed and I could see that he really enjoyed the job. I made my first step I enrolled to the course Introduction to Holistic Therapies and enjoyed it very much, it opened new world for me. Next step was the course "Indian Head Massage". I thought that it would be great if I could help the people to relieve their pain and make them feel better.

Three years ago I came to my first yoga class and this was the best step I have ever done. So I started practicing and I fell completely in love with Yoga, I noticed I was happier and in more harmony with the people around me. I immediately began see the changes in my life. Physically, I am more fit and comfortable then I had ever been. After only a few months of practice I have never felt so good about my body. However, the biggest changes have been spiritual and intellectual. Through yoga, I have become so much more aware of the world around me and myself. I am able to focus on the things around me, openly and without judgement.

I became a yoga teacher because I want to share my passion and enthusiasm for the practice with other people and I will be able to share all the benefits that I have received with others. I strongly believe in the healing benefits of yoga.Now I can recognize what is good and not good for me, and it's helped me to develop the strength to follow through with what my heart tells me to do. I changed my diet. I changed my sleeping patterns. I changed my way of relating to other people, and to myself. I understand that it is a challenge to be a teacher leading students through class, helping people with gaining back their flexibility and fitness. I would like to support and encourage my students to train their concentration, balance and body control. And this is so rewarding!